SWT18 will be held online due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. If you would like to present something, please sign up here by clicking here, or to see the list of presentations already scheduled, please click here. Otherwise we will distribute the webex link to the usual mailing lists for those who would like to listen without presenting.

Signup is now closed and we will send round the agenda soon. Please email Ian directly if you wish to present.


The format will follow the previous online SWT, consisting of three afternoon sessions:

  • Mon 7th December, 14:00-16:30: Science presentations / papers in preparation
  • Tues 8th December, 14:00-16:30: Science presentations / papers in preparation
  • Weds 9th December, 14:00-16:30: Remaining papers in preparation, plus technical/operations presentations

 The talks on Monday and Wednesday should be 15 minutes long plus 5 minutes for questions each. The Tuesday talks should be limited to a few slides each.

Upcoming meetings that may be of interest to the science team:


Meeting Location Dates 
NOMAD SWT17 Webex 16-18th June 2020
ACS SWT Webex 18-19th June 2020
EPSC Virtual meeting 21 September – 9 October 2020
NOMAD SWT18 Webex 16-18th Nov 2020 (TBC)
ACS SWT Oxford (TBC) 26-28th Nov 2020
AGU San Francisco + virtual 1-17th Dec 2020






The joint NOMAD-ACS SWT meeting and MAVEN workshop will be hosted at Sorbonne University, Paris.


Sorbonne University Campus,

4 place Jussieu,

Paris, France

NOMAD workshop: Monday 17th Feb 14:00 - 18:00 and Tuesday 18th Feb 9:00 - 12:30

NOMAD+ACS joint SWT with MAVEN: Tuesday 18th Feb 14:00 - Friday 21st Feb 13:00


Social Programme

No social activities are planned but there will be a team dinner on Wednesday 19th February (please register your interest when registering).


Science Programme

Access to the presentations is restricted to NOMAD science team members only; please click here to access them

Coronavirus update: JpGU has now been cancelled and will move to an online format. This means that the SWT17 originally planned for ISAS/JAXA, Tokyo, Japan (20-22 May 2020) is now cancelled. 


Instead we will hold a virtual meeting on the afternoons of 16-17th June as follows:

  • Day 1, 14-16:30: SO new results
  • Day 2, 14-16:30: UVIS and LNO new results (+ remaining SO talks)


For a list of presentations please click here (only available to NOMAD team members: sign in required)

The NOMAD SWT#15 meeting will be hosted at the Space Research Centre PAS and Wroclaw University, Poland, on 12-13 September 2019.



Labour inspectorate
5 Kopernika Street
Panoramic meeting room
Wroclaw, Poland

Thursday 12th Sep: NOMAD SWT 10:00 – 18:00

Friday 13th Sep: NOMAD SWT 10:00 – 18:00

Saturday 14th Sep: Social event


Social Programme

For those in transit to the EPSC and/or willing to stay in Wroclaw during the weekend: the local host could organise a day (Saturday 14/09) at the castle of Książ in the Sudetes (https://www.ksiaz.walbrzych.pl/en/). There is a lot to visit there, some of us were there and were delighted; September seems also a good season to visit because of the forest colours.

There is far enough for one day, including visits inside and outside the castle. The Space Research Centre additionally has an unique and weird underground geodynamics observatory below the castle in a series of tunnels built in 1943-45 by the Germans. It is used for gravity, tides, seismology, crustal deformation, earth vibrations, low frequency atmosphere processes etc. We asked the geodynamics lab for a visit in the tunnels. We could plan a bus that would leave Wroclaw at 8:30 on Saturday, arriving at the Książ castle before 10:00, then 7 hours for the underground visit (1 hour), lunch (1 hour), and some of the local attractions (castle/gardens/forest – 5 hours) for which we may have a guided tour (if we are more than 15), before leaving to be back in Wroclaw around 18:00.

!!! Register before August 25 for the excursion


Travel information

The link below describes the access to the meeting place and gives information on hotels. There are many other and cheaper options in downtown Wroclaw. The B&B Hotel Wrocław Centrum, 25 minutes from the meeting place, is frequently the most affordable and guests usually enjoy it. The apps BusNavi and Jakdojade give public transportation information live



Science Programme

Access to the complete science programme and presentations is restricted. Click here to view the agenda and presentations.