These pages are aimed at members of the NOMAD science team who have access to the HDF5 data pipeline; however some of the content here may be useful for external users also.


HDF5 Calibration Pipeline


Click here for a description of the HDF5 calibration pipeline


 This is mainly aimed at the NOMAD science team, to understand the processing steps involved in calibrating the data, however it may also be of interest to those using the PSA data. The Experiment-to-Archive-Interface-Control-Document (EAICD), which will be made available as part of the PSA, also describes the calibration steps but in a way more relevant to the PSA data - and so may be more useful then the above link when released.


HDF5 Data

Here science team members will be able to download data in HDF5 format. Access to this dataset is restricted to the NOMAD team only.


Click here to access the proprietary HDF5 data (please sign in first)



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