Title: "International conference on new insights into Mars achieved by remote-sensing observation, numerical simulation, and laboratory experiment of trace gases (in cooperation with ExoMars-TGO/NOMAD SWT, CO world, TohokuU GP-EES) "

  • The NOMAD SWT#23 will take place at Hotel Matsushima TAIKANSO (https://www.taikanso.co.jp/en/) in conjunction with our Japanese colleagues from CO World and TohokuU GP-EES.
  • The participants do NOT need to book the guest room by themselves as we have temporally booked for all in advance. You can choose your preference on the sign-up form.
  • The core meeting dates will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday AM. The hotel room booking (mentioned above) will include four nights (from Monday to Thursday nights) assuming that arrival on Monday and leaving on Friday. Please let us know on the form if you want to stay more/fewer days than this. Hotel reservations are now closed
  • The meeting will end around lunchtime on 17 March (Friday)
  • For those attending in-person, we recommend to arrive at Tokyo Haneda airport if possible (note: there are two international airports in Tokyo, Narita and Haneda), which provides better connection to train for the travel to Matsushima. To arrive Matsushima, first you will need to get Tokyo station and then take the high speed train from Tokyo to Sendai, and finally the local train from Sendai To Matsushima-Kaigan (https://www.taikanso.co.jp/en/access/). If you have a question about how to get there, do not hesitate to contact Shohei Aoki.


Date (time) Morning Session (9-13) Afternoon Session (15-19) Evening Session (21-22)
13 March (Monday) - Arrival, check-in Splinter Discussion
14 March (Tuesday) Trace gases I: Ozone, water Trace gases II: HCl, NOMAD Operation Splinter Discussion
15 March (Wednesday) Trace gases III: CO2, CO Trace gases IV: Isotopes Splinter Discussion
16 March (Thursday) Aerosols, Airglow/aurora Excursion Splinter Discussion
17 March (Friday) Surface, Phobos/Deimos, NOMAD Calibration - -