Presentation/attendance list for the SWT



Enter your nameEnter your affiliationAttending in-person or virtually?Enter your presentation title (if you wish to make one)Approximate presentation length (minutes, not including questions)Timezone (if attending remotely)Enter your comments (e.g. if certain times or days are not possible for you)Dietary requirements (if any; if attending in-person)
Ian ThomasBIRA-IASBin-personPlanning/data/calibration update30None
Manish PatelOUin-personUVIS ozone profiles update10all day, all night
Maureen CohenThe Open Universityin-personVegan
Paul PalmerUniversity of Edinburghin-personObserved seasonal changes in Martian hydrogen chloride explained by heterogeneous chemistry on atmospheric dust and ice12-15Planning to be there the whole time. None
Frank DaerdenBIRA-IASBvirtuallyHeterogeneous processes in the atmosphere of Mars and implications for modeling ozone15CETPrefer Tue/Wed
Giuliano LiuzziScuola di Ingegneria, Università della Basilicata, Potenza, Italyin-personUpdate on the study of aerosols on Mars with NOMAD SO15I will attend in person on the 12th and 13th, please take this into account in scheduling my presentation as possible
BojanBIRAin-personNOMAD status and operations overview20
James HolmesThe Open Universityin-personInterannual variations in water loss from a TGO-MRO assimilation10
Stephen LewisThe Open Universityin-person
Lucie RiuESAin-personLong Term Planning and Special Pointings20I will leave around noon on Thursday Vegetarian
Benjamin BenneUniversity of Edinburghin-personVegetarian
Kylash RajendranThe Open Universityin-personVegan
Ann C. VandaeleBIRA-IASBin-personIntroduction to the SWT5
Juan AldayThe Open Universityin-person
Jon MasonOUin-personA dust optical depth comparison between UVIS and surface assets 10
Megan BrownUniversity of Cambridgein-personThe Role and Lifetime of Dissociative Heterogeneous Processes in Improving Simulated Ozone on Mars10
Michael WolffSpace Science Institutein-personCombining UVIS and SO: Synergistic Constraints on Aerosol Sizes15 (or more, if time available)I cannot present on Thursday
Colin WilsonESAin-personTGO mission status15I will probably leave Weds 15h00
zachary flimonBIRA-IASBin-personUpdate on the UVIS/SO aerosols climatology10 min
Shane StoneNASA Goddard Space Flight Centerin-personNucleation of CO2 Ice Clouds in the Martian Atmosphere by Meteoric Metals10