Presentation list for SWT22 (8-10th November 2022)



Enter your nameAttending in-person or virtually?Enter your presentation title (optional)Presentation length (minutes)Timezone (if attending remotely)Enter your comments (e.g. if certain times or days are not possible for you)
Ian Thomasin-personData/calibration update30EuropeNone
Ian Thomasin-personLNO Phobos calibration update20None
Giuliano Liuzzi in-person15
Sophie Bauduinin-person
Bojanin-personNomad operations20
Loïc Trompetin-personCO2&T retrievals from NOMAD-SO: variabilities in the mesopshere and the thermosphere from 2 MY15CETNone
Manish Patelin-person
Shohei Aokiin-personTBD20
Frank Daerdenin-person
Sara FaggivirtuallyNew York time zone, (EST)
James Holmesin-personAn update on TGO/MRO multi-spacecraft water assimilation studies
Giancarlo Belluccivirtually