Presentation list for SWT20 (20-22nd October 2021)


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Ian ThomasPlanning/Data/Calibration UpdateNot after 16:30In Person
BojanOperations overview, instrument status and joint measurements with other missionsIn Person
Geronimo VillanuevaNew insights on the calibration of the NOMAD/SO channel: Test retrievals of H2O, HDO, CO2 and COVirtual
Ann C. VandaeleNOMAD general status - Introductory wordsIn Person
Jon MasonAnalysis of UVIS Phobos observationsVirtual
Loïc TrompetCarbon dioxide and temperature retrievals from NOMAD-SO for MY35.
Kylash RajendranThe OpenMARS solar occultation database of a priori profiles for use in retrievals10 minutes should be sufficient, thank you!Virtual
Bernhard GeigerTGO Pointing Type InvestigationsVirtual
James HolmesGlobal variations in water from an assimilation of NOMAD and ACS water observations Virtual
James HolmesGlobal mapping of the martian hygropauseVirtual
Fabrizio OlivaDust properties through UVIS+LNO data analysis: ice filtering approachExpeccccted presentation time: 5-10 minutesVirtual
Megan BrownImplications for heterogeneous chemistry with vertical profiles from NOMADVirtual
Graham SellersInterannual comparisons of ozone vertical profiles (MY35-36)Virtual
Nao YoshidaVariation of CO/CO2 profiles in the Marian mesosphere and lower thermosphere retrieved from TGO/NOMADIn Person
Lauriane SoretUVIS limb observations: day sideIt would be nice that I give this presentation just before Jean-Claude's (nightside observations). I intend to attend in person the day of this presentation.In Person
Jean-Claude GérardUVIS limb observations: night sideNot available on morning of Oct. 22nd. See comment by L. Soret.In Person
Shohei AokiAttempt of density and temperature retrievals with oxygen dayglow at 557.7 nm (10 min.)Virtual
Shohei AokiUpdate on water analysis with Asimut (10 min.)Virtual
Frédéric SchmidtToward Ice properties (to be confirmed)available only 20th afternoon and 21stIn Person
Colin Wilson - I am likely available 20 - 21 Oct onlyVirtual