Planetary and Space Science (2015), Vol. 119, 233, DOI: 10.1016/j.pss.2015.10.003.


Vandaele A. C.; Neefs E.; Drummond R.; Thomas I. R.; Daerden F.; Lopez-Moreno J.-J.; Rodriguez J.; Patel M. R.; Bellucci G.; Allen M.; Altieri F.; Bolsée D.; Clancy T.; Delanoye S.; Depiesse C.; Cloutis E.; Fedorova A.; Formisano V.; Funke B.; Fussen D.; Geminale A.; Gérard J.-C.; Giuranna M.; Ignatiev N.; Kaminski J.; Karatekin O.; Lefèvre F.; López-Puertas M.; López-Valverde M.; Mahieux A.; McConnell J.; Mumma M.; Neary L.; Renotte E.; Ristic B.; Robert S.; Smith M.; Trokhimovsky S.; Vander Auwera J.; Villanueva G.; Whiteway J.; Wilquet V.; Wolff M. 


The NOMAD spectrometer suite on the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter will map the composition and distribution of Mars׳ atmospheric trace species in unprecedented detail, fulfilling many of the scientific objectives of the joint ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter mission. The instrument is a combination of three channels, covering a spectral range from the UV to the IR, and can perform solar occultation, nadir and limb observations. In this paper, we present the science objectives of the instrument and how these objectives have influenced the design of the channels. We also discuss the expected performance of the instrument in terms of coverage and detection sensitivity.

Applied Optics, Vol. 54, Issue 28, 8494-8520, DOI: 10.1364/AO.54.008494. 


Neefs, E.; Vandaele, A.C.; Drummond, R.; Thomas, I.R.; Berkenbosch, S.; Clairquin, R.; Delanoye, S.; Ristic, B.; Maes, J.; Bonnewijn, S.; Pieck, G.; Equeter, E.; Depiesse, C.; Daerden, F.; Van Ransbeeck, E.; Nevejans, D.; Rodriguez-Gomez, J.; Lopez-Moreno, J.-J.; Sanz, R.; Morales, R.; Candini, G.P.; Pastor-Morales, M.C.; Del Moral, B.A.; Jeronimo-Zafra, J.-M.; Gomez-Lopez, J.M.; Alonso-Rodrigo, G.; Perez-Grande, I.; Cubas, J.; Gomez-Sanjuan, A.M.; Navarro-Medina, F.; Thibert, T.; Patel, M.R.; Bellucci, G.; De Vos, L.; Lesschaeve, S.; Van Vooren, N.; Moelans, W.; Aballea, L.; Glorieux, S.; Baeke, A.; Kendall, D.; De Neef, J.; Soenen, A.; Puech, P.-Y.; Ward, J.; Jamoye, J.-F.; Diez, D.; Vicario-Arroyo, A.; Jankowski, M.


NOMAD is a spectrometer suite on board ESA’s ExoMars trace gas orbiter due for launch in January 2016. NOMAD consists of two infrared channels and one ultraviolet and visible channel allowing the instrument to perform observations quasi-constantly, by taking nadir measurements at dayside and nightside, and during solar occultations. In this paper, the design, manufacturing, and testing of the two infrared channels are described. We focus upon the optical working principle in these channels, where an echelle grating, used as a diffractive element, is combined with an acousto-optical tunable filter, used as a diffraction order sorter.